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 All Categories    Linear Position Sensor 9600 Series - Compact, Spring Return
All Categories > Rotary & Linear Potentiometers > Linear Position Sensors > Linear Position Sensor 9600 Series - Compact, Spring Return > View Items  
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Linear Position Sensor 9600 Series - Compact, Spring Return

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The 9600 Series spring return linear position sensor is designed for a variety of space-limited feedback applications that require high accuracy. This sensor is available in three standard sizes and provides excellent life at 1 million full cycles. Industrial, vehicular, appliance, machine tool and robotic applications benefit from the unit’s high temperature stability. The solderable terminal tabs and durable spring-loaded plunger, make installation and operation easy.

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Part #

Sensor Element

Active Electrical Travel

Termination Type



Number of Outputs

9605R1.7KL2.0 Conductive Plastic 0.500 in Solder Lug 1.70 kO IP40 1
9610R3.4KL2.0 Conductive Plastic 1.000 in Solder Lug 3.40 kO IP40 1
9615R5.1KL2.0 Conductive Plastic 1.500 in Solder Lug 5.10 kO IP40 1
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1