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9960 Rotary Hall Effect Position Sensor

Rotary Hall Effect Sensors

Hall Effect Sensors and Technology - one of the latest additions to BEI Sensors’ product line - meet customer needs for high performance, non-contacting rotary postion sensor solutions. Our non-contacting design features a standard operational life of 35 million cycles. These Hall Effect sensor devices provide up to 6-turns with 2160 degrees of resolution and linearity of +/-0.5%. Hall Effect sensor solutions can accommodate applications that require an interface to the end of a shaft or that must fit over a shaft. Standard Hall Effect Rotary Position Sensor models are capable of providing redundant outputs, meeting IP66/67 sealing requirements and 85 degrees Celsius operating temperature, with option to 150 degrees Celsius. Custom/adapted solutions are available. These include packaging, electrical angle, linearity, termination, redundant outputs, custom transfer functions, PWM output, CAN Bus output, switch function, environmental and more.
Rotary Potentiometers

Rotary & Linear Potentiometers

BEI Sensors rotary potentiometers and contact sensor solutions offer a range of single or multi-turn configurations up to 3600º (10-turns) of motion. These rugged, reliable contact sensors can meet IP66/67 sealing requirements and provide operational life exceeding 10 million cycles. A variety of terminations are available, including integral connectors and flying leads. Adapted and custom solutions for are also available.

BEI Sensors linear potentiometers offer capabilities of over 1 meter of travel and 1 million meters of operational life at temperatures up to 300ºC. These linear position sensor devices can be incorporated into hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders, installed on circuit boards, or simply mounted to mechanical assemblies. As with any of our BEI potentiometer solutions, we offer a wide variety of standard and custom/adapted solutions for demanding motion control applications.

Rotary Optical Encoders

An optical encoder is an electro-opto-mechanical sensor that provides angular position information to a counter or controller. The optical encoder uses a sensing technology that relies on the interruption of light to detect the encoder's movement. Optical sensing technology is the most precise and offers the highest resolution of the position sensing technologies. Rugged construction and years of field proven service makes BEI optical rotary encoders ideal for operating in harsh industrial environments.

BEI optical encoders are available as incremental, absolute single-turn, or absolute multi-turn.
Magnetic Rotary Encoder

Magnetic Rotary Encoders

Magnetic sensing technology is best for operations in very high temperatures and environments with extreme shock and vibration. Magnetic rotary encoders tend to have fewer resolution options and lower precision than their optical counterparts and can be more susceptible to environmental magnetic interference. Ideal applications for magnetic encoders include wind energy, tree harvesting, traction motors for rail equipment and pavement profiling.

Draw Wire Sensors

Draw wire sensors use a cable, spool and sensor with a variety  of outputs to measure linear speed and position. The draw wire encoder product line is ideal for harsh environments and is available in ranges from 1,200 and 50,000 mm.



Sturdy and compact BEI inclinometers offer high resolution for angle measurement of inclination and rotational movements.  The encapsulated sensor allows for excellent sealing against harsh environments and MEMS technology provides the best combination of precision and responsiveness.  Analog or CANopen outputs are available with either an aluminuium allow housing or glass reinforced plastic to suit installations in a variety of industrial duty applications.


Electronic Modules

BEI Sensors' electronic modules help complete encoder installations within systems by solving a variety of interface issues that can occur in various types of applications.  Intrinsic safety barriers complement BEI encoders to ensure safe setup within hazardous environments and optical isolators provides a solution for systems with poor signal compatibility or noise problems.  Other modules including encoder to USB converters, anti-dither modules and broadcasters are available.

SwiftComm® Wireless Encoder Interface

The SwiftComm provides a robust wireless encoder signal in real time over a secure network and will interface with any incremental or absolute encoder.  The SwiftComm interface is ideal for applications where expensive cable runs are needed and where there is an unobstructed line-of-sight between the encoder and control system.