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Rotary Hall Effect Sensors

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8360 Through-Hole Rotary Hall Effect Position Sensor

Rotary Hall Effect Sensor Model 8360

Model 8360 through-hole non-contacting position sensor features a dual, redundant analog output with 360 degree continuous rotational capability. Measuring less than 16mm thick in a sealed low-profile package, the 8360 is an ideal sensor solution for space restricted applications needing reliable motion control. It can be customized to fit individual requirements including electrical angle, shaft interface and connector type. The dual outputs provide maximum safety in critical applications such as steering and shut-off valves in process control. Typical applications for the 8360 include steering wheel, boom angle, throttling, pivoting and traction control applications.

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9360 Rotary Dual Output Hall Effect Sensor

Rotary Hall Effect Sensor Model 9360

Model 9360 rotary sensor is a non-contacting Hall effect device with 360° of rotation and dual outputs. The sensor provides absolute position at power on and offers two completely redundant outputs. The fully sealed packaging (IP66/IP67) meets the severe durability requirements that are typical in off-highway and agriculture requirements. The combination of magnet, sensor and sealed packaging offers excellent temperature stability and corrosion resistance. The 9360 can be configured for Analog (voltage) outputs or with a PWM output. An integrally molded 6-pin connector makes a sealed connection with industry standard Packard Electric connector.

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9900 Rotary Hall Effect Position Sensor

Rotary Hall Effect Sensor Model 9900

Model 9900 offers a non-contacting Hall effect sensor in a rugged design, ideally suited for tight packaging constraints while providing superior reliability and durability. Featuring full redundancy of two independent Hall detectors in a common package, each Hall detector is rigidly supported to meet the severe durability requirements of demanding applications as automotive and off-highway.

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9960 Rotary Hall Effect Position Sensor

Rotary Hall Effect Sensor Model 9960

Hall Effect Sensors and Technology - one of the latest additions to BEI Sensors’ product line - meet customer needs for high performance, non-contacting rotary postion sensor solutions. Our non-contacting design features a standard operational life of 35 million cycles. These Hall Effect sensor devices provide up to 6-turns with 2160 degrees of resolution and linearity of +/-0.5%. Hall Effect sensor solutions can accommodate applications that require an interface to the end of a shaft or that must fit over a shaft. Standard Hall Effect Rotary Position Sensor models are capable of providing redundant outputs, meeting IP66/67 sealing requirements and 85 degrees Celsius operating temperature, with option to 150 degrees Celsius. Custom/adapted solutions are available. These include packaging, electrical angle, linearity, termination, redundant outputs, custom transfer functions, PWM output, CAN Bus output, switch function, environmental and more.